Jefferson Parish, Louisiana Planning staff are working with Camiros, a private consulting firm, to perform a study of the Jefferson Parish industrial zoning districts. This includes an analysis of current industrial zoning that will result in recommendations regarding an approach to modernizing industrial zoning and, ultimately, in a new set of zoning districts for the industrial areas.

The Project will be completed in three Phases:

What Is Zoning? 

The purpose of zoning is to promote health, safety, and welfare by regulating the development of land. In Jefferson Parish, zoning regulates what land or buildings can be used for, where on the land buildings or other structures can be placed, and how tall or big a building can be. It also regulates other elements of site development, such as performance standards, parking, and landscape and buffering. Zoning regulations are divided into zoning districts, so that use, bulk, yard and development regulations are tailored to the character of each particular zoning district. For the purposes of this project, we will be focusing exclusively on the industrial zoning districts.

Why is the Parish Updating Industrial Zoning? 

The Parish’s current industrial zoning regulations are over 50 years old and may not relate to the current built environment or the variety of industrial uses that have emerged over time, may not adequately contain standards that help facilitate compatibility with the surrounding land uses, and/or may not allow for certain forms of development that are desired. An updated set of zoning districts, including uses and development standards, can address these issues and provide opportunities for Jefferson Parish to move toward the vision established in the Comprehensive Plan and other plans and policies. 

Upcoming Events – June 2023

The Jefferson Parish Planning Department, with the assistance of planning and zoning consulting firm Camiros, will be hosting two public meetings to solicit input on the second draft of the industrial zoning regulations on Tuesday, June 20 and Wednesday, June 21, 2023 from 5:00 – 6:30 p.m. The second draft, including a proposed Zoning Map, is available on the documents section of this website. See the events page for additional information.

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