Jefferson Parish, Louisiana Planning staff are working with Camiros, a private consulting firm, to perform a study of the Jefferson Parish industrial zoning districts. This includes an analysis of current industrial zoning that will result in recommendations regarding an approach to modernizing industrial zoning and, ultimately, in a new set of zoning districts for the industrial areas.

The goals for the industrial zoning study include: 

  • Evaluating the current industrial zoning district structure to determine if such structure properly supports on the ground conditions and the goals of the Comprehensive Plan and other policies and studies  
  • Acknowledging and defining new uses in the Parish’s Unified Development Code  
  • Assigning these uses to existing or newly established districts in a use matrix 
  • Applying development and performance standards to mitigate any impacts to surrounding uses 
  • Determining if changes are required to parish public hearing notification requirements for certain industrial uses 
  • Proposing draft amendments to the Code of Ordinances to effectuate recommendations

The project will be conducted in phases: 

  • Phase 1: Project Initiation 

We will meet with staff to discuss current issues, review all relevant materials, undertake a site visit, and meet with stakeholders. This phase will culminate in a Framework Report that identifies key issues with current industrial zoning and presents a framework and approach for zoning revisions. The report will be presented at public meetings in order to gain further input before proceeding to drafting.  

  • Phase 2: Drafting 

We will prepare a series of drafts of new industrial zoning, including a Zoning Map analysis. These drafts will also be presented publicly to gain input before proceeding to the adoption phase.  

  • Phase 3: Adoption 

Following public review, we will prepare a draft for public hearing before the Planning Advisory Board. Following their recommendation, we will bring the new industrial zoning and the map to the Jefferson Parish Council for adoption.  

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